How to turn on the racing line in Hot Lap League

Here’s how you can turn on the racing line in Hot Lap League. You know, the green/yellow/red indicator that tells you the optimal way through the course? Yeah, that.

Keep in mind that it’s not a true racing line, but I explain that below along with some handy hints on how to use it. Oh, and the powerslide markers, while we’re at it.

Turning on the racing line

Open settings, go to ghost options
turn on ghost line

Open up the game settings by tapping on the cogwheel at the top, then go to “Ghost Options”. Then turn on the Ghost Line. It’s that simple. And while you’re at it, make sure to turn on the powerslide markers, too.

What the racing line tells you

Hot Lap League racing line

So what does the racing line show? The Ghost Line is the path that your ghost opponent took through the track. It is not the best or suggested path, unlike other games. While this might feel counter-intuitive, it means that you can always tell how the ghost car got through the track and what they did differently to you.

The colours match the lights on the back of your own car, and show how their maneuver affects their speed. Green is minimal impact, yellow is moderate, and red will slow you down severely. Naturally, you want to try avoid red where possible.

How to use the racing line

Keep in mind that the racing line shows you how your ghost opponent approached the track. Their time is faster than your current personal best, so pay attention to what the car did differently. Use their racing line as a guide.

Try to think why they approached a turn the way they did and whether it worked for them. And also watch for when the racing line turns yellow or red. If you can get through those sections faster, you will probably beat their time!

Just make sure to not focus too much on replicating what they did exactly. Just because they did a track faster, doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Here’s a good example of how to use the racing line:
– Follow along the line with the ghost car
– Note the sections where they were faster, and try to follow along with what they did
– Keep an eye on where their line turns yellow or red. If you can get through these faster, you’ll pull ahead
– When you beat the ghost lap, you’ll get a new one. Rinse and repeat until you’re number one!

What are powerslide markers

Similar to the racing line, the powerslide markers show when the ghost opponent tapped on the brakes. And just like before, you can use this information to help you work out how they made it through the track.

Remember that often just tapping on the brake once is enough, after which steering into a drift will slow you down on its own.