The Guides walkthrough and answer codes – Section 3

The Guides spoiler-ful walkthrough and... guide. By Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford.

The Guides by Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford is no cakewalk and can sometimes get quite tough.

Warning! This page contains spoilers and solutions to the puzzles in The Guides. If you’re stuck on a puzzle, looking for a hint and don’t want the answer spoiled check out the spoiler-free hint guide for section 3.



Puzzle 3-1 (h)

You need to tap all three circles at the same time.


Puzzle 3-2 (Part of a reviled plot.)

If you follow the line along, every X is below a letter of the text above. When you write them all out in the correct order, the message it gives is “To proceed enter correlations”. The answer is CORRELATIONS.


Puzzle 3-3 (1 2 3 4)

Let’s go through this step by step:
The first letter is highlighted – W.
The second letter is the one marked “true” on the console behind the puzzle – the 4th letter down, E.
The third letter is decoded from binary, once again in the console – S.
The fourth and final letter is decoded from Morse, a single dash in Morse is the letter T.


Puzzle 3-4 (1 • 2 • 3 • 4)

You need to use the letters from the previous puzzle. Put together they spell out WEST.


Puzzle 3-5 (Don’t look back now)

If you translate the sequence using your numbers -> letters decoder, it spells out VIGNETTE. Since typing that in does nothing though, you need to spell it out by tapping letters on the main puzzle screen. Make sure your sound is turned on so you can hear the confirmation beeps.


Puzzle 3-6 (o)

Take a screenshot using the in-game camera. The saved picture reveals a hidden message – ECHO.


Puzzle 3-7 ([B])

You need to match the pattern on the left with your own white dots on the right. When you do, hang on for a few seconds and the puzzle will move on.


Puzzle 3-8 (r)

“To go forward, we must go back.” Literally. Open up the puzzle directory and select puzzle 7 (the previous one) and it will magically transport you forward to the next puzzle!


Puzzle 3-9 (i)

“The solution for this, illustrated in 1-5…”. Go back to puzzle 1-5 and take a careful look at it. If you plug the numbers into your binary decoder, it spells PATIENCE. Something you need a lot of to play this game!


Puzzle 3-10 (z)

The letters and numbers are coordinates for letters on the grid in the console. If you follow the snaking line through the numbers from the beginning, you get B4, A4, C6, D1, F5 and E6, which spell out SYSTEM.


Puzzle 3-11 (calibrate)

If you align the spaces in the line and translate the word in the middle, it becomes DEJAVU.


Puzzle 3-12 (LXAADYCRXW)

The title of the puzzle is LXAADYCRXW. You need to type this into the shift decoder, but what shift value to use? The letters in the eye can help – IX. The number 9. Shift the code word by 9 and you get CORRUPTION.


Puzzle 3-13 (It is the key)

If you translate the message in the middle, it says “cannot change this outcome”. If you ignore the black letters and select only the ones that are left, it spells CNNONEITCO. If you “change” this by unscrambling it, the solution becomes CONNECTION.

Interestingly enough, if you mess around with the remaining letters in black, it unscrambles into TOUGH SCHEMATA. A schemata is like a plan, or a framework. This whole game is a series of tough schemata.


Puzzle 3-14 (All that’s left…)

Rotate the circles in such a way that all the connections make sense and you’re good!


Puzzle 3-15 (…is the negative shift)

You need to go through the grid selecting the correct letters. Look for a pattern!
At the top of the grid, the number 4 is highlighted, so our pattern should be blank green squares as well. Following the pattern, the letters selected spell out OQIIWPEKJ.
This is where the title of the puzzle comes in – we need to use the negative shift. With 26 letters in the English alphabet, 26 – 4 is 22 so we use a shift value of 22. This gives us the keyword SUMMATION.

TRIVIA: Selecting the letters marked with a blank x spells out “erroneous”.
The X inside the square (and the letters on the right) spell out “incorrect”.
I haven’t figured out what the arrows facing left or right decode into, if anything. Let me know!


Puzzle 3-16 (math =)

If you assign each letter in the word “math” a numerical value (13, 1, 20, 8) and add them all together, you get 42. The answer is always 42.


Puzzle 3-17 (o)

If you go back to puzzle 16, there is a light diamond with a dark dot inside. Back on our puzzle, if you take the letters in the light diamonds, they spell out HULYBUT. That’s not a word, of course, so we need a decoder – the shift decoder.
Using the answer from the previous puzzle – 42 – hulybut translates to REVILED. Told you 42 is always the answer!

TRIVIA: The other letters, pctgjcb, also decode into REVILED with a shift value of 24 (which is 42 backwards).


Puzzle 3-18

The entire sequence, using compass directions for reference:

Or using Up, Down, Left, Right:


Puzzle 3-19 (sequence)

If you write out all the letters in sequence from the puzzle before, you get CELMYXPSQEBKDSYXC. Naturally, you need the shift decoder again. But what number would you put in…? See that X in the circle? That’s 10 in roman numerals.
Using 10 as the shift value, we get SUBCONFIGURATIONS which is, indeed, the answer.


Puzzle 3-20 (x)

You need to look at the 6th, 20th, 36,th, etc., character in the text and write them out. Note that you need to count characters, which includes full stops, not just the letters. It tripped me up at first.
You get VKIOBC, which we can decode with a shift value of 10 (because the title of the puzzle is X, 10 in roman numerals). The final answer is LAYERS.


Puzzle 3-21 (n)

If you flatten the “layers” on puzzle 9, you get what looks like a similar grid with the dark squares making what looks like a “22”.
You need to transfer that pattern to this grid using white circles and the puzzle will move on automatically.


Puzzle 3-22 (failures)

You’ll need to go back to puzzle 2-15. Each of the failed subsystems mentioned here has a corresponding letter in puzzle 2-15. If we write those out, we get WXNQLP.
Naturally, we need the good ol’ shift decoder with a value of 22 (naturally). Translated, the answer is ABRUPT.


Puzzle 3-23 (key = sum(TRUE))

Start off with binary. The green text tells us that black is 0 and white is 1. Go back to the picture and we have 5 binary letters now! If we decode them, they are OXAXO.
Once more we turn to the shift decoder and use a value of 23 (the puzzle number) to get RADAR.


Puzzle 3-24 (inverse function)

Put simply, go back to puzzle 17 and figure out what the answer was there. Then reverse it (per the puzzle title) and get DELIVER.

TRIVIA: I’m fairly sure you’re “supposed to” go back to puzzle 17, use the letters we didn’t use the first time around (the dark diamond with light letters), write them out backwards, and decode them using 24 instead of 42. Thing is, it’s simpler to just reverse the answer since both code words decode into the same word…


Puzzle 3-25 ([A])

Puzzle 7 in this section has a similar title – [B] – implying that the two are related. So we go back and look at the pattern. From the side it looks like the letters CDEX which is what we take away.
Back to the puzzle at hand – the green text tells us “n is the key” and “n is the sum of all pairs”. There are 25 pairs (of semicircles) in the puzzle. This is also puzzle 25. Either way, shift CDEX by 25 and it comes out as DEFY. Ta-da!



Hope that helps! Check out the spoiler free guides, or the spoiler’d guide for part 3 by clicking on the sidebar (or below if you’re on mobile)! Also, check out the The Guides overview page for download links and more information about The Guides Compendium, an excellent companion app that extends beyond the game and may be helpful to further solutions! Plus it’s an interesting read, regardless.