The Guides walkthrough and answer codes – Section 2

The Guides spoiler-ful walkthrough and... guide to section 2. By Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford.

The Guides by Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford is no cakewalk and can sometimes get quite tough.

Warning! This page contains spoilers and solutions to the puzzles in The Guides. If you’re stuck on a puzzle, looking for a hint and don’t want the answer spoiled check out the spoiler-free hint guides for… The Guides section 2.

Images to accompany the puzzles are coming soon… As soon as I can fix the iPad. :(



Puzzle 2-3 (nmgeai)

White, orange, blue, etc etc. Arrange the letters in order and it spells ENIGMA.


Puzzle 2-4 (tshmetwwetefkss)

Brown letters spell out “the weeks”. Orange letters are days of the week. Only one is highlighted though – SATURDAY.


Puzzle 2-5 (Memorandum B.01-Zw)

A C C E P T. Yep, that’s pretty much it.


Puzzle 2-6 (locked)

Near the top it says “rewrite input to bypass”. So do it – rewrite the boolean “true” to “false”. That’s your code – FALSE.


Puzzle 2-7 (FGLW)

You gotta work out the value of b given the equations above. Here’s a hint – no matter what you use for X, the answer is always 18. And if you type fglw into the shift decoder with value 18, it translates into NOTE.


Puzzle 2-8 (1-115,116)

“The next step is important.” IMPORTANT it is!


Puzzle 2-9 (Important! >)

Pay close attention to the screen. When you’re ready, tap to begin and move on to the next puzzle! Yes, this is copy pasted.


Puzzle 2-10 (Four Arrows)

The arrows are RRLRUDLUDL. Ignore the dark colored arrows (they are not included here), they will interrupt the chain.
Bonus: The letters that appear when you tap an arrow spell out “stick to the side roads”.


Puzzle 2-11 (< important!)

Remember the text that spells out “stick to the side roads”? Notice how it’s similar to the pattern xxxxx xx xxx xxxx ooooo? That’s right, they match. The code here is ROADS.


Puzzle 2-12 (c)

Tap on the circle parts of the map that are mis-aligned to rotate them. Yup, copy pasted once more.


Puzzle 2-13 (h)

With a little messing around, the answer is SEMAPHORE.


Puzzle 2-14 ( (1,1) (2,5) (6,2) (2,2) (6,3) )

(1,1) means you look at the first row and the first column – A. (2,5) means second column and fifth row – R. All together it spells out ARIEL.


Puzzle 2-15 (satellite)

The “data sequence” has corresponding letters in the schematic. Taking them all in order gives us nlqnuxw. The stage interger given is 7, which corresponds to +9 on the schematic. Decoding nlqnuxw with a shift decoder value of 9 gives us ECHELON.


Puzzle 2-16 ( (6,3) (6,2) (3,5) (4,5) (2,2) (2,4) )

Going back to puzzle 14 and using the same method to pluck out the letters, we get LISTEN.


Puzzle 2-17 (r)

There is a bug preventing progress here, the sound file (in morse) that is meant to play during this puzzle is inactive or missing. So until a fix is pushed through to live, the answer is: 3.


Puzzle 2-18 (o)

Take your time plugging the clues into various appropriate decoders. The translated end result comes out like this:

(1) x
(2) r
(3) x [binary]
(4) x [morse]
(5) e [binary]
(6) x [24th letter of the alphabet]
(7) x [binary]
(8) d [morse]
(9) x

Put together, that says xRxxExxDx. It’s no accident that I capitalized the letters, the code to move on is RED.


Puzzle 2-19 (3 25 4 15 14 9 1)

Replacing the numbers with the associated letter of the alphabet, you get C Y D O N I A.


Puzzle 2-20 (n)

This goes back to puzzle 14 and the similarly aranged letters. Taking the corresponding letters, in order, spells out F Y I K Q O C.

The green code behind the puzzle says “System security key equals the sum of null values”. There are 10 blank (or “null”) circles on the board. So when we plug the gibberish into a shift decoder set to 10, we get VOYAGES.


Puzzle 2-21 (RIVED IONS)

Similar to before, the numbers are corresponding to the letters. 13 is M, 18 is R, 15 is O, 7 is G, 5 is E, 12 is L, 1 is A and 11 is K.

From the title, the same letters (and their corresponding numbers) are rearranged. If we replace the letters in “rived ions” with the numbers, and then our decoded replacements, we get GROOM LAKE


Puzzle 2-22 (D + V + R + S + N)

In the previous puzzle, the letters had numerical values assigned to them. D = 13, V = 15, R = 7, S = 5, N = 11. Add them up and you get 51.

But wait, there’s more! The puzzle says “add 13”, so do it! We end up with 64, which is the answer.


Puzzle 2-23 (o)

If you match up the single horizontal line near the middle, the text right below it says BASE.


Puzzle 2-24 (bWFyaW5lcg==)

Plug the text from the puzzle title into your new decoder and it spits out MARINER.


Puzzle 2-25 (s)

To be honest, I only noticed this one because of a pet peeve with Capitalization Of Every Letter For No Reason. That’s right, if you take only the first letter of each word, you get MCMLXIX. Which stands for 1969.
Here’s a fun fact: in 1969 the first man landed on the moon (Wikipedia).
This was also the year that the first message was sent through ARPANET (Wikipedia), a telecommunication network that was the foundation of the internet as we know it today. Considering what the letters you receive at the end of each section talk about, is it any wonder this year was chosen?



Hope that helps! Check out the spoiler free guides, or the spoiler’d guide for part 2 by clicking on the sidebar (or below if you’re on mobile)! Also, check out the The Guides landing page for download links and more information about The Guides Compendium, an excellent companion app that extends beyond the game and may be helpful to further solutions! Plus it’s an interesting read, regardless.