The Guides walkthrough and answer codes – Section 1

The Guides spoiler-ful walkthrough and... guide. By Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford.

The Guides by Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford is no cakewalk and can sometimes get quite tough.

Warning! This page contains spoilers and solutions to the puzzles in The Guides. If you’re stuck on a puzzle, looking for a hint and don’t want the answer spoiled check out the spoiler-free hint guides for… The Guides.



Puzzle 1-3: red and orange circle

Tap the circles in the same order that the coloured numbers indicate (brown, orange, brown, orange, orange, brown).


Puzzle 1-4 (F O U R)

Type FOUR into the text area.


Puzzle 1-5 (0s and 1s)

The blank circles are zeroes. The filled ones are 1s!


Puzzle 1-6 (Memorandum A.04-aQ)

The binary translates into STOP. Type that into the text area on the bottom to proceed.


Puzzle 1-7 (Interferometer Test)

Type in 4251 to proceed.


Puzzle 1-8 (73 = ? )

You have the letters A to H. C is missing, so type C into the console to move on.


Puzzle 1-9 (Easy to see)

Tap on the red C.


Puzzle 1-10 (Concatenation)

The letters are N I G H T. You know what to do!


Puzzle 1-11 (esreveR)

The letters are N A M U H Y L N O M A I. In reverse order, I AM ONLY HUMAN.


Puzzle 1-12 (primrose)

Only one of those three will let you move on. It’s PERSISTENCE.


Puzzle 1-13 (m)

Align the rings so that the semi-circles meet. I’m pretty sure actual orientation doesn’t matter.


Puzzle 1-14 (Reference: 01.07)

What is 12 divided by 4 (12 is above the 4, like a fraction)? 3. You can either type in 3 or “iii” in roman numerals.


Puzzle 1-15 (a = x | b = y | c = z …)

It’s a simple substitution cipher. If a = x, b = y, c = z, d = a, e = f, etc; then VKLIW equals SHIFT.


Puzzle 1-16 (He Would Be Proud)

It’s another cypher, though getting this one is tricky. Similar to the previous puzzle, you shift the alphabet 4 letters (4 dots on the screen) down so that e = a, f = b, g = c; and so on.
With the new cypher, the message reads “LIKE A BAD STAR” which is the password to the next level.
Completing this level unlocks the SHIFT decoder.


Puzzle 1-17 (S > J > N > E > M)

I’ll be honest here – I worked out what the clues meant after solving the puzzle by guesswork. It’s all to do with our solar system and the planets.
The clue in the name gives a pattern – Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Earth and Mars (or Mercury). From largest to smallest. And that’s the order you need to tap the circles in – from largest to smallest.


Puzzle 1-18 (error)

The decoded message is S I G N A L. Completing this level unlocks the MORSE CODE decoder.


Puzzle 1-19 (a)

The message says “SKY”.


Puzzle 1-20 (Reach For The Sky)

Picking out the letters in the order of the numbers written above them spells out D E L A Y E D.


Puzzle 1-21 (+3)

In the green text hide 4 letters: SDVW. When decoded with the shift decoder set to 3 (from the puzzle title) it translates to PAST.


Puzzle 1-22 (p)

When the four dashes are aligned, the numbers help spell out CEREBRAL.


Puzzle 1-23 (vg vf fvzcyr)

There are 13 dots spinning around the letters. Using 13 as the shift value gives us IT IS SIMPLE.


Puzzle 1-24 (s)

Near the top of the screen are a set of blank and filled circles. If you assign them to 0s and 1s (empty and filled respectively) you can decode them to say S E N S E S.


Puzzle 1-25 (mapping sequence)

S E N S E S. South, East, North, South, East, South.



Hope that helps! Check out the spoiler free guides, or the spoiler’d guide for part 2 by clicking on the sidebar (or below if you’re on mobile)! Also, check out the The Guides landing page for download links and more information about The Guides Compendium, an excellent companion app that extends beyond the game and may be helpful to further solutions! Plus it’s an interesting read, regardless.