The Guides spoiler free walkthrough – Section 2

The Guides spoiler free walkthrough and... guide. By Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford.

The Guides by Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford is no cakewalk and can sometimes get quite tough.

Stuck on a puzzle? Need a nudge in the right direction without spoiling the answer? You’re in the right place! If the hint does not help, check out the full list of answers, full of spoilers and explanations of the logic. Without further ado, let’s begin! Remember, there are no spoilers here.


Puzzle 3 (nmgeai)

Those circles and the letters have the same colours. I wonder if that’s important!


Puzzle 4 (tshmetwwetefkss)

Read the brown letters first then look at the orange ones more closely again.


Puzzle 5 (Memorandum B.01-Zw)

You’ve seen one of these before. Which letters do the circles cover?


Puzzle 6 (locked)

Swipe away the normal view to reveal the programming code. Read it carefully. See anything new?


Puzzle 7 (FGLW)

Once again, check out the command statement behind the puzzle. Time to get mathemagical!
Don’t forget to use the decoder afterwards.


Puzzle 8 (1-115,116)

Read the note very, very carefully. The answer is before your eyes.


Puzzle 9 (Important! >)

Pay close attention to the screen. When you’re ready, tap to begin and move on to the next puzzle!


Puzzle 10 (Four Arrows)

Remember those arrows from the screen before? No? Well…
(this is actually a separate puzzle from the one before)


Puzzle 11 (< important!)

Oh boy, was I stuck for a while on this one. The biggest clue here is the seemingly random information thrown at you in the previous puzzle!


Puzzle 12 (c)

Tap on the circle parts of the map that are mis-aligned to rotate them.


Puzzle 13 (h)

All you need to do is rearrange the coloured leters to align with the coloured circles near the bottom in the right order.

Hint 2: A pair of same-coloured dots represents a pair of same-coloured letters.


Puzzle 14 ( (1,1) (2,5) (6,2) (2,2) (6,3) )

The name of the puzzle is the hint to the solution.


Puzzle 15 (satellite)

Once more, to proceed you need to look at the code behind the puzzle. You will also need to decode something, but what…?


Puzzle 16 ( (6,3) (6,2) (3,5) (4,5) (2,2) (2,4) )

Remember a previous puzzle with a very similar name and solution? No? Well…


Puzzle 17 (r)

There is a bug preventing progress here, the sound file (in morse) that is meant to play during this puzzle is inactive or missing. So until a fix is pushed through to live, the answer is: 3.


Puzzle 18 (o)

Swipe the puzzle away to the left to see the green prompt beneath! Don’t forget your decoders.


Puzzle 19 (3 25 4 15 14 9 1)

Look at the name of the puzzle, as usual. How many letters does the alphabet have, again?


Puzzle 20 (n)

Oh my, haven’t we encountered something that looked very similar in an earlier puzzle?
Oh, and don’t forget to check the green code behind the puzzle.


Puzzle 21 (RIVED IONS)

Swipe to the left to check the green code.
Don’t forget to check the name of the puzzle, as usual, for a clue!


Puzzle 22 (D + V + R + S + N)

Yet again, check the puzzle name for a hint!
And look carefully at the puzzle itself (and the previous one too).


Puzzle 23 (o)

Okay, this one’s pretty cool. Turn your device to the side and move the vertical scroll bars up and down. Check for features you can match together!


Puzzle 24 (bWFyaW5lcg==)

You have a new decoder available!


Puzzle 25 (s)

This one is tricky to hint without spoiling. I’ll simply say that the clue is in the headline of the newspaper and the rest of it is irrelevant.



Hope that helps! Check out the spoiler free guide for part 1 by clicking on the sidebar (or below if you’re on mobile) and if you’re still REALLY stuck, or looking for explanations of the reasoning behind the puzzles check out the corresponding answer pages!