The Guides spoiler free walkthrough – Section 1

The Guides spoiler free walkthrough and... guide. By Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford.

The Guides by Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford is no cakewalk and can sometimes get quite tough.

Stuck on a puzzle? Need a nudge in the right direction without spoiling the answer? You’re in the right place! If the hint does not help, check out the full list of answers, full of spoilers and explanations of the logic. Without further ado, let’s begin! Remember, there are no spoilers here. Oh, and the first few “puzzles” are missing, the screens where you start the game are technically classed as puzzles.



Puzzle 1-3: red and orange circle

The circles and the numbers share colours. Listen to the sounds when you tap each circle.


Puzzle 1-4 (F O U R)

Tap where the arrow is pointing!


Puzzle 1-5 (0s and 1s)

Tap on each highlighted circle to change the number inside. Look at the other circles for patterns.


Puzzle 1-6 (Memorandum A.04-aQ)

Tap on the arrow on the bottom right to bring up your decoder tools. See anything on the page that could be translated from binary?


Puzzle 1-7 (Interferometer Test)

You need to find a number to enter into the text area on the bottom.


Puzzle 1-8 (73 = ? )

There is a sequence of letters assigned numerical values. Is there a letter missing from the sequence?


Puzzle 1-9 (Easy to see)

Scroll down. Does anything stand out?


Puzzle 1-10 (Concatenation)

Scroll through the display once again. What stands out? Do the letters mean anything?


Puzzle 1-11 (esreveR)

Just like before, scroll through and take down the letters.


Puzzle 1-12 (primrose)

First of all, read the message. See anything noteworthy?

The highlighted letters spell out PERSISTENCE, DIVERSION and MISDIRECTION.


Puzzle 1-13 (m)

See the half-circles on each of the rings?


Puzzle 1-14 (Reference: 01.07)

The roman numerals are XII (12) and IV (4).

Notice their position relative to each other.


Puzzle 1-15 (a = x | b = y | c = z …)

The hint is in the name of the puzzle. It’s a code.


Puzzle 1-16 (He Would Be Proud)

This one is rather tricky. The hint here is in the word you used to get here (shift) and the number of dots on the picture.
Also, checkyour decoders. ;)


Puzzle 1-17 (S > J > N > E > M)

Similar to the first puzzle, there is a certain order in which you need to tap the circles/squares.

Hint 2: Think “star”. Think “Solar System”. Now look at the name of the puzzle again.


Puzzle 1-18 (error)

Swipe the picture off to the left.


Puzzle 1-19 (a)

Use your newly unlocked Morse code decoder to crack this one. (Make sure you use the dash and not the underscore in the decoder)


Puzzle 1-20 (Reach For The Sky)

The numbers are written over certain letters.


Puzzle 1-21 (+3)

Swipe from right to left to reveal the green console text. See anything useful here?

Hint 2: You will need to use one of your decoders. There’s a clue in the puzzle title!


Puzzle 1-22 (p)

You can move the shaded squares around by tapping and dragging on the screen.


Puzzle 1-23 (vg vf fvzcyr)

Once again, you will need to use a decoder. But what would the shift value be…?


Puzzle 1-24 (s)

Back to decoding yet again! Look for a pattern on a screen. Is there one that looks at all familiar?


Puzzle 1-25 (mapping sequence)

Big keyword in the title of the puzzle. What is one feature that every map has, used to indicate direction?

What was the word you used to get here?



Hope that helps! Check out the spoiler free guide for part 2 by clicking on the sidebar (or below if you’re on mobile) and if you’re still REALLY stuck, or looking for explanations of the reasoning behind the puzzles check out the corresponding answer pages!