Space Miner Wars

Space Miner Wars by Venan Entertainment

Don’t delegate — ANNIHILATE! Take control of your spaceship and discover an infinite universe of treasure, mystery, and danger!

Build your own interstellar city of the future, then fly through space to blast massive asteroids and devious enemies in your quest for fame and fortune. Form Mining Guilds with other players to share the loot, or protect your territory in exciting PvP city attacks.

– Play with millions of space miners across the globe
– Join players in Mining Guilds or destroy their cities in full-control ship attacks
– Build your own city on the space frontier
– Defend your loot with turrets, attack drones, and more
– Buy new ships, craft new gear, and become the most powerful space miner in the galaxy
– Defeat dastardly foes in a hilarious, galaxy-spanning campaign

This game requires an internet connection.


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