Love You to Bits – A Dungeon in Panels Walkthrough

Love You to Bits A Dungeon in Panels walkthrough

Anyone remember ComixZone (Wikipedia)? Well, this level is nothing like that game. But it’s a comic panel and reminded me of the good ol’ days!
Check out the navigation to your right (or below, if you’re on mobile) to skip between levels.




If the video above doesn’t work, or you prefer a series of screenshots, we’ve got you covered too!
Check out the walkthrough in screenshots.

6 Responses

  1. Inda says:

    This is a parody of the game ‘framed’

  2. Beafyn says:

    Love You to Bits, without Kosmo even knowing it, slowly transforms from a tale of heartache to one of bold independence.

  3. Marsalis says:

    The key doesn’t melt you just have to go grab it it looks like it’s not there but it is. Also, you have to make sure that the fire is in the pit that the key isn’t in

  4. lisa says:

    you gotta burn the key and then take it when the fire is out

  5. DragonPoodle says:

    Nvr mind

  6. DragonPoodle says:

    When I try to melt the ice around the key, the key itself melts! I’ve gone as fast as I can, but it won’t work. Any suggestions?

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